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This ground-breaking course will teach you

How To Get The Sports Performance Job You've Always Wanted

(Without spending years on a poor salary or bouncing between jobs)

Learn how to:

  • Master your career goals & long-term strategy
  • Cultivate your personal brand
  • Gain control of your personal finances

  • Unlock the S&C side hustle secrets
  • Network effectively & build authentic relationships
  • Become a productivity machine

  • Perfect resumes & Cover letters
  • Upgrade your interview skills
Propel My Career Forward

From: Owen

To: My fellow coach

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Dear Coach,

I get it, I've been there.

I've completed multiple unpaid internships.

I've worked several side hustles to bring in cash.

I've been 1 of 500 coaches who're all applying for the same job vacancy, tried to network 24/7, and always struggling with personal finances.

Unlike becoming a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, for example, there's no legitimate career pathway and very few post-graduate vacancies.

Because of that, the thousands of coaches that have recently graduated or looking to make their next career move are, for the most part, just wondering around in the dark hoping that they find the door handle which will lead them to their career goals.

As you can imagine, this is a seriously ineffective way of trying to achieving your career goals.

There are many explanations as to why most coaches feel stuck in their career, but they all tend to fall into one of 4 main reasons.

If any of them resonate with you, it's time to start thinking about taking some action, coach.

The Top 4 Reasons most coaches feel stuck in their career (and have no idea what to do about it)

Reason #1 - They don't know what they want πŸ€”


"I'd like to work at an elite-level club"

"I want to have a positive impact on the lives of athletes"

"I want to make this sports team perform better"

Day in day out, coaches around the world proclaim that they have dreams, desires and goals, and proceed to label them as generic aims that they will somehow achieve.

Can you see the problem here?

It's like deciding to travel to a country, without defining which city you'll be going to.

You wouldn't dream of simply 'travelling to Spain' and miraculously end up somehow washed up on the shore.

You'd book a flight to a specific city on a specific date and you'd know exactly what time you'd be landing.

Coaches need to define what it is they want out of their career, and when they want it.

They need to be crystal clear on exactly which club they want to work at, how they measure 'a positive impact', and what 'helping a sports team to perform better' looks like.

They need to get specific.

Reason #2 - They don't know how to get there πŸŽ―


Sure, so not everyone falls into the first category. Plenty of coaches exist that know they want to:

"Be head of S&C at Barcelona F.C. in 5 years time"

Or even

"Carry out 10 international presentations on hamstring injuries in 3 years"

But they have no idea how they are going to achieve these goals.

Let's revisit the travelling analogy.

Once you've picked your City, date and flight time, at some point you're going to plan out how to get to and from the airport.

When you're in Spain, you'll decide on various sights to visit, and plan out how to get there and back.

Coaches around the globe proclaim to have these incredible ambitions and dreams, yet their day-to-day actions tell us a different story.

They may want to work at Barcelona as head of S&C in 5 years time...

But have they broken this down into smaller, 3-6 month goals that will lead up to this?

Are they spending time each night building out their network so that they can form a contact at the club?

Without defining a route to their goals, they will forever remain to be a distant dream of theirs.

Reason #3 - They don't stand out from other coaches πŸ™‹‍♂️


Our industry is overcrowded.

It's not uncommon for a job vacancy to have 500 different applicants at once from coaches who have unique backgrounds, skills and abilities.

The trouble is...

All of their resumes look more or less the same, and barely any of them explain the unique value they can deliver the company with.

Coaches don't know how to communicate what their unique abilities are, and lack the skills to create resumes that stand out from the rest.

The result? A sea of coaches around the world that all have unique skills that the can bring to the table, yet on the surface all appear to be more or less the same.

Reason #4 - They severely lack financial education πŸ’°


It's no secret that our industry isn't exactly known for the salaries that we can earn.

Couple this with the fact we spend years educating ourselves with degrees, courses and more on all things S&C and avoiding financial education...

...And you have a recipe for financial disaster.

It's a reality that many coaches face, yet few pluck up the courage to talk about.

It means that even though coaches know they should take unpaid work for a few days a week to help them build out their network and bring them closer to their goal...

...They can't afford to.

It means that even though coaches know that attending a workshop will provide them with knowledge that they need to acquire to benefit their career...

...They can't afford to.

It means that even though they know that an online course will teach them must-know drills that they can use with their clients and athletes...

...You guessed it, they can't afford it.

How You Can Be a Coach that Masters Their Career Goals, Stands Out From The Crowd and Has a Hold On Their Finances


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Welcome to Career Mastery!

A comprehensive online course specifically engineered to take you from being a coach with a low salary, multiple jobs and struggling to make ends meet to a well-paid professional who's in complete control of their career.

What is it?

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A detailed, interactive online course designed to help coaches to propel forward in their career

  • A step-by-step video course broken down into easy to digest lessons 
  • Multiple tools and worksheets that are linked to your lessons to maximise your learning
  • Every lesson comes with actionable tips so that you can start taking action today

Who is it for?

Career mastery has been designed for coaches from all backgrounds and all industries, including:

  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Sports Scientists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritionists

What will I achieve?

By implementing the expert advice and lessons presented to you, you'll:

  • Have a road map to achieving your dream job
  • Be in control of your finances, no longer relying on poor salaries
  • Be a productivity machine
  • Understand how to become an authoritative figure in your industry

What's Included? 

Module 1:

πŸ“ Your Strategy

β€£ Your Goals (18:28)
β€£ Your Strategy & Coaching Philosophy (16:48)


Module 2:

🦸‍♂️ Personal Branding

β€£ Your UVP (11:23)
β€£ The Power of Stories (14:23)
β€£ The Attractive Character (06:08)
β€£ Building Your Attractive Character (18:57)


Module 3:

βš™οΈ The Productivity Machine

β€£ Goals, Projects & Tasks (15:36)
β€£ Goal-Focused Learning (05:50)
β€£ The Golden Rules (06:28)
β€£ The Decision Maker (05:34)


Module 4:

πŸ’΅ Financial Management

β€£ The Expenses Calculator (22:29)
β€£ Account Allocations (18:04)
β€£ Your money targets (11:20)
β€£ Assets vs. Liabilities (14:42)
β€£ Liquidity & Inflation (12:09)
β€£ Poor Vs. Wealthy (04:29)


Module 5:

πŸ“‘ Resumes & Cover Letters

β€£ Design Matters (16:03)
β€£ Sell Yourself (09:56)
β€£ My 9 Top Tips (26:09)
β€£ Why Cover Letters are crucial (07:07)
β€£ The C.A.R Method (14:36)
β€£ 8 Crucial tips (06:57)


Module 6:

πŸ‘₯ Networking

 Introduction (05:38)
β€£ The Basics (12:13)
β€£ Building Your Network (25:10)
β€£ Maintaining Your Network (06:11)
β€£ Using Your Network (12:41)
β€£ Open to New Opportunities (11:44)


Module 7:

🀝 Relationship Building

β€£ Building relationships with athletes (12:38)
β€£ Building relationships with coaches (10:04)
β€£ Building relationships with other coaches (06:45)


Module 8:

πŸ‘¨‍πŸŽ“ Internships

β€£ What Is An Internship? (13:00)
β€£ How To Run An Internship (09:49)
β€£ How To Gain An Internship (17:05)


Module 9:

πŸ§™‍♂️ Mentors

β€£ What is a Mentorship? (12:32)
β€£ Why & How To Be Part Of A Mentorship (12:08)
β€£ How To Build A Working Mentorship (12:30)


Module 10:

πŸ‘¨‍🏫 Interview Skills

β€£ Presentation
β€£ How to Standout
β€£ Captivate Your Audience
β€£ Leaving a Lasting Impression


Module 11:

πŸ’° Side Hustles

β€£ Why A Side Hustle? (07:51)
β€£ How To Pick A Side Hustle (18:20)
β€£ Experiences With Side Hustles (06:41)



πŸ“„ Assessment & Certificate

β€£ Test Your Learning
β€£ Certificate of Completion


Propel Your Career Forward πŸš€

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Career mastery includes video lessons that have interactive worksheets attached to them.

This means that you can instantly put into action the knowledge that you extract from the course.

The result?

You're naturally more engaged with the lessons, and you're able to actually monitor your progress as you advance forward in your career.

Take Charge of My Career
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11 Modules
Over 8+ hours of video
44 Easy to digest lessons
Downloadable tools & worksheets
Life Changing Program

Today: $247


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Take Charge Of My Career

❌ NOT your typical online S&C course...

Career Mastery is designed to fill the holes in traditional coach education, which only ever focus on training theory, nutrition, technology, recovery, and so on.

By "fill the holes", I'm talking about teaching you how to get ultra clear on your goals, your coaching philosophy, your personal finances, side hustles, time management, and all the vital stuff that your university degree and/or accreditation never taught you.

Whether you're a seasoned coach with years of professional experience or a fresh graduate straight out of university, this one-of-a-kind, game-changing course is specifically designed to help you propel your career and achieve your coaching goals. 

Though the course curriculum already covers all the key ingredients for you to accelerate your career, we will continue to add more in-demand modules over time, meaning the value you get just keeps growing and growing.

Here are some of the things you'll be able to do today if you sign up:

βœ… Learn how to chunk your career goals into 90-day sprints

βœ… Learn how to forge your coaching philosophy and values

βœ… Learn how to find your unique value and elevate yourself above other coaches

βœ… Learn how to manage your finances so that you never go broke again

βœ… Learn how to create an eye-catching resume that will have employers begging you to come for an interview

βœ… And much, much more...

❌ Who this won't work for...

We created Career Mastery for one simple purpose:

To allow coaches to pursue a dream career that THEY are in complete control of.

It's crucial to know that this course will set you on a journey that will last your entire career, and is not an overnight quick fix.

This course isn't designed for coaches who are:

❌ Looking for quick fix strategies

❌ Enjoy staying comfortable

❌ Afraid to dream big

❌ Shy away from challenges

In fact, this course could very well be the most unexpected wake up call you've ever experienced.

When you join Career Mastery, you're embarking on a journey of self discovery, pushing your limits to new realms, and unlocking potential that you might not even be aware existed.

The goals you achieve by implementing the lessons taught within this course will drastically alter the outcome of your coaching career.

So, if you're a coach who is prepared to:

βœ… Challenge yourself

βœ… Leap out of your comfort zone

βœ… Create goals that you've never considered achieving

βœ… Put in the work

I'd urge you to continue reading this page and take action today...

It might just be the most important piece of learning you ever undertake.

Here's my promise to you...

Our only mission here is to serve coaches around the world as best as we possibly can, you included.

Therefore, if you purchase Career Mastery and for whatever reason feel that you aren't 100% satisfied, email us on [email protected] within 30 days and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Take Control Of My Career
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Let's summarise

You'll learn...

  • How to master your career goals
  • How to cultivate your personal brand
  • How to become a productivity machine
  • How to gain control of your finances and stop relying on poor salaries
  • How to become an authoritative figure in your industry
Enrol in Career Mastery

Here's our promise to you...

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You're protected by our 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if you feel that career mastery isn't allowing you to master your goals, get on top of your finances or become a productivity machine, you're entitled to a full refund.

Just simply shoot us an email on [email protected], and we'll process the entire order, no questions asked.

This literally makes the purchase of career mastery a no-brainer for you, coach. So, hit the button below to grab this career-changing course at a discounted price whilst there is still time!

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